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Posting to make a point, I know violence against women (including children and some men too) is a hot topic with some folks with the recent developments of the “Down with Molestia” campaign.  In reality, I do NOT advocate violence to anyone on basis of gender, age, color, religion or sexuality.  

The pictures above has Young Uncle Ruckus being abused physically by his father, which in turn is the catalyst that makes him the self-hating racist of black people on the show.  Mostly played for laughs on the show and a parody of the Color Purple in which the live action film was NOT played for laughs but weaves a dramatic tale of a woman who was mentally and physically beaten but still able to overcome her abuser and move on with her life.

Placing Ruckus in the same situation was played for laughs, even though the shows him as a child helpless from the constant abuse of his abuser, being called worthless and would not amount to anything in life, the audience is given credit of separating fantasy from reality, that in real life, a case of abuse would call for immediate action for help the victim.  Here, the audience has the knowledge that no one was actually hurt and has no effect physically in the real world only with causing an emotional response (be it laughter, disgust, or reflecting on the final outcome of the story).

Sometimes, that is the message of comedy (sometimes you get a good chuckle, other sometimes it helps to process a life experience share by others to get a message out). 

Now, I don’t honestly think it is the intention of Ruckus getting beaten meant for people to go out and beat their children, nor do I think characters like Glenn Quagmire or Hubert of Family Guy are meant for guys to sexual predators (even if Glenn and Hubert in reality would turn my stomach as human beings).  But they are fictional characters…

…just like Molestia.  If a flying unicorn starting feeling up people and animals in real life, yea, I think there is a call to action.  But Molestia does not exist, and calling for action with this “Down With Molestia” bit is as trival as Jack Thompson campaigning to censor and shut down violent video games because “it would make kids go out and be criminals”.

If anyone use the term “Think of the children” yes, in terms that the Internet is full of things that are far worst than Molestia and the jokes, it is the job of the parent to regulate their kids.  We protested the government shouldn’t do that with the Internet with SOPA, we didn’t want Yahoo messing with Tumblr after they took over, we shouldn’t flip-flop on the issue of what content is said in blogs. 

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